Polished rod clamp
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Polished rod clamp
1. Introduction of polished rod clamps
The polished rod clamps are used to connect the polished rod and pump unite.
2. Material
1. Chemical Composition
To meet the requirements of this specification, polished rod manufactured from any AISI or equivalent specification recommended cast iron or carbon steel as follows.
a) ASTM A536 ductile iron 65-45-12, or equivalent international series number.
b) Carbon Steel; aisi1015 to 1045 or AISI 1515 to 1545, or equivalent international series number.

2. Mechanical Properties
Tie allowable hardness range for polished rod clamps is between 190 and 300 HB
3. Maximum Load Rating
Each polished rod clamp design has a stated maximum load rating. The maximum rated load is no more than 75% of the minimum load to initial slippage when a new polished rod clamp which has successfully completed validation testing per in accordance with this specification.

Technical specification