Mud tank
    Publish time 2018-11-24 10:26    

Jintan designs and manufactures various types of tank including mud tank, water tank, oil tank, etc. Our mud tanks are usually used to install solids control equipment, storage mud, mixing mud, etc. It meets utility request of the drilling solid control system, mud plant and solid-liquid separation system. According to different working conditions, mud tanks can be customized into horizontal mud tank, vertical mud tank and trailer mounted mud tank.

Jintan manufacture varies of mud tank/water tank,oil sludge tanks,Oilfield three runner design Skid mounted tank,with galvanized grating,safe handrail,coated with Marine corrosion-resistant zinc rich  epoxy coating and paining,two layers for inside tank,three layers for outside tank.

Mud Storage Tank

Mud Mixing Tank

Drilling Mud Trip Tank

Drilling Mud Recycling Tank