Mud pump
    Publish time 2018-11-24 10:01    

The F series mud pump is advanced in structure and compact and small in size. It has perfect working performance and conforms to the drilling requirements of oilfields with high pump pressures and large capacity. 

The F series mud pump has a long stroke and can work at low strokes, which effectively enhances the water lifting capability of the mud pump and prolongs the service-life of the wearing parts at the hydraulic end. The suction damper is advanced and reliable, allowing it to optimize the suction effect of the mud pump. 

The important parts of the F series pumps such as hydraulic cylinder, crankshaft, and herringbone gear are made of high-quality alloy steel. The main frame uses a steel plate welding structure with high strength, rigidity and light weight. 

F series mud pumps have high interchangeability; all wearing parts at the hydraulic end conform to parts interchange requirements specified in API Spec. It is easy to maintain, and therefore offers good working performance.

Technical specification