Truck-mounted drilling rig
    Publish time 2018-11-22 15:05    
Truck-mounted drilling rig

There are five models of truck-mounted drilling rigs/ Workover rigs at your option:

Model ZJ10/1125CZ / XJ450,drawworks power 450HP

Model ZJ15/1350CZ / XJ550,drawworks power 550HP

Model ZJ20/1470CZ / XJ650,drawworks power 650HP

Model ZJ30/1700CZ / XJ750,drawworks power 750HP

Model ZJ40/2250CZ / XJ1000,drawworks power 1000HP

All the rig's systems of power, drawworks, mast, traveling block and transmission system are equipped to the self-propelled chassis. The rig is easy and low cost to be transported, and

it has reliable performance, large working load and good off-road power.

The basic parameters and overall design conform to the SY/T5202-2004.Main parts conform to the API specification and the requirement of HSE,and applied API monogram on them

such as Mast, Substructure, Drawworks, Traveling Block, Hook: Crown Block, Swivel, Rotary Table and Mud Pump, etc.

Adopt mature, reliable, practical and advanced technology. Key components of diesel engine, transmission case and so on are selected imported components, whose installations are

in strict accordance with the standards of the original manufacturer.


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